5000 Watts of solar power

The full roof is covered with solar power.  More than 90% of the build has been powered by solar.  The PV cells are fed to a 60 Amp MMP controller to the house battery bank.  Lead acid 550 Amp-hour 48 volt storage system gives us about 13 KWH of usable energy when the skies are dark or cloudy.

Complex heating system desigened for sustainability.

Heat Pump

Two heat pump sytems located in the garage and connected to a 'head' in the living room and at the top of the stairs can be used to pump heat from outside to inside the trailer.  Using a heat pump this way gives us a 400% efficency.  They can be powered by available solar energy or by external 240VAC power.  One Watt input power gives 4 Watts of heating power inside the trailer.

Diesel Heater